Professional, Trustworthy, and Experienced

With gold prices as high as they are, there seems to be a new business on every corner offering to buy your gold and claiming to pay the highest price. You may have seen a TV commercial asking you to put your valuables in an envelope and send them in the mail. You may have driven past a person dressed like a clown spinning a “We Buy Gold” sign. You may have even gotten an invitation for a “gold party”. These are popular techniques for new businesses trying to make quick money off of the high gold price. While every one of these companies will tell you they pay “top dollar”, we believe the use of these methods exposes exactly the kind of business they are running: unprofessional, untrustworthy, and inexperienced.

If you are in the market to sell a piece of jewelry or scrap gold, we hope that you will look for a company that doesn’t dress up their employees as clowns; A company with the expertise to understand the full value of your items and the honesty to pay you accordingly. A company that has been part of the community for longer than the “gold boom” has been taking place. We hope that you will look for these values; Values that we, at Silver City, have and take pride in.

Come Get an Offer Today!

At Silver City, we buy any scrap jewelry or jewelry-like accessory that is made of gold, silver, or platinum. We also buy precious stones and diamonds, high-end watches, dental gold, sterling silverware sets, and sterling flatware sets. Our friendly buying staff will quickly identify your items as real or counterfeit, calculate the value, and give you an offer with no fee or obligation. Come see us today!