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Economic turmoil around the world has brought precious metals to all time high prices. Many experts predict that these prices are going to continue to change, and now is the time to act. If you are interested in investing in physical gold or silver while prices are rising, or selling your metals investment while prices are high, Silver City is equipped with the inventory and the expertise to necessitate you.

No sale or purchase is too large or too small, and we offer a huge selection of Gold and Silver Coins and Bars, always in stock and in quantity. If you are contemplating either purchasing or liquidating a metals investment, and would like to find out more information to help you make your decision, call us at (352) 358-4145. All discussions are confidential and 100% free.


Silver City’s resident coin expert, Larry Chauncey, has over 30 years of experience in numismatics. If you are looking to sell your coin collection, or just find out how much its worth, Larry has the expertise to evaluate your rare coins with no appointment needed and no obligation to sell.

If you are looking to start, or add to your coin collection, we have thousands of coins of all types, ages, nationalities, and prices.